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15th August 2016

In previous blogs we have explained making sand moulds using wooden patterns. Core Assembly is a different way of making sand moulds for iron casting. Simply put a mould made in this way is like a 3D jigsaw puzzle in negative - the technique requires great skill and takes years to master.

The Sustainability of Cast Iron and its use as a modern building material
15th April 2015
There is an old fashioned perception of iron foundries belching out smoke and fumes that probably dates back to the early industrial revolution. And whilst it is true we are energy intensive in our production, this does not tell the whole tale.
Replacement of Traditional Pavement Lights
19th November 2014
At Hargreaves Foundry we make unique, handmade, original castings. We combine manufacturing skills with knowledge and experience to offer a bespoke service to our customers. Our speciality is making cast iron products, and whether these products are for engineers, artists or architects, the processes are still the same. Given cast iron's place in history many of our architectural castings are for restoration or heritage projects, although we do get some new or original designs to work on.
How to cast a Tree
17th July 2014
This has to have been one of our more unusual and challenging projects in recent years. Casting 'Still Leaping' for Antony Gormley in 1993 was something of a departure for us at the time and tested our mettle to the limit (pun intended). Since then we have cast objects as diverse as scaled down models of the Angel of the North, huge patterned columns, delicate balusters, carved cherubs and of course 12 tonne machine beds. So what is involved in casting a whole tree trunk and lower branches in one piece - read on and find out.
Making sand moulds and cores for iron casting
25th April 2014
Following previous blogs about specifying cast iron and pattern making, the purpose of this blog is to throw some light on another highly skilled aspect of the casting process - mould and core making. Our aim is to provide potential clients, be they artists or architects, some understanding of the processes involved and how these might affect their projects.
Why is Pattern Making so important?
7th November 2013
One area where customers for iron castings often need the most advice is Pattern Making. The purpose of this blog is to help customers understand the critical nature of pattern making in relation to Design, Manufacture and Cost.
Specifying Architectural Cast Iron - a Guide
14th September 2013
The cast iron columns at Gridiron, One Pancras Square, the new flagship building by David Chipperfield Architects designed for Kings Cross, were cast at Hargreaves Foundry in Halifax. We have produced this guide for architects and specifiers to learn more about the project from a specification point of view, to help you consider whether to use architectural cast iron in your project.
Shooting Theatre Trailers at the Foundry
22nd February 2013
In a new departure for Hargreaves Foundry, we were able to provide the location for the filming of a Theatre Trailer for Northern Broadsides' production of Rutherford and Son.
Kenny Hunter's The Unknown
16th October 2012
It was great to see Scottish artist Kenny Hunter back at the foundry. Having cast 'Liberty Regained' last year (see our Gallery pages) we were delighted to be able to cast The Unknown for him.
Time Lapse Movie for Building B2 Columns
5th October 2012
Take a look at the fascinating process involved in creating the columns for the St Pancras Square / Kings Cross development through this time lapse movie.
BBC Look North films at the Foundry
24th September 2012
We were delighted to have the BBC Look North team and their reporter Spencer Stokes to do a news piece celebrating our contract award for the B2 Building at St Pancras.
Building B2 Kings Cross
19th September 2012
Photographed here is one of the 396 cast iron columns which will form part of a new building currently under construction behind the hoarding. Standing at 6.15m tall this was made here at Hargreaves Foundry and will form part of the hoarding display until ready for construction.
Canal Connections for the Foundry
23rd November 2011
This wasn't a project for our sister company Hargreaves Lock Gates. Hargreaves has completed two cast iron installation pieces on behalf of the Rochdale Canal Connections programme.
Breaking the Mould
28th October 2011
At Hargreaves Foundry we like to think we are original and different, but this time we really did break the mould - and not just once, but 16 times. It was all on behalf of Pyramid of Arts, the Leeds based community group that engages people across the arts community in Leeds and highlights the abilities of people with learning difficulties.
Investing in our Future
18th October 2011
When economic forecasts are poor and purse strings are tight you can either hunker down and hope that you are still around in a year or two, or you can actively invest in your systems and your people to meet the ongoing needs of customers.
Old Fossils cast at Hargreaves
7th October 2011
We aren't short of a few old fossils here at Hargreaves, but recently had to cope with 7 new ones. We cast 7 medallions on behalf of artist Sebastian Boyesen featuring fossil motifs.
Fox at the Foundry
22nd September 2011
We recently completed this sculpture of a fox on a tree stump for Scottish sculptor Kenny Hunter. Kenny, based in Glasgow, is known for his works in the public domain and is seen as one of Scotland's foremost contemporary artists. This particular work is destined for the Robbie Burns museum and this 'wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie' will be unveiled next year on Burns Night.
Foundry staff have a blast
8th September 2011
All our budding Annie Oakleys and Dead Eye Dicks were out in force last Saturday when foundry staff enjoyed a day out clay pigeon shooting at Greetland Gun Club. Organised by Pete Lodge, foundry superviser, 23 staff, partners and friends turned out to demonstrate their shooting skills.....or otherwise.
Iron water feature tops off jewel in Brixton's crown
1st September 2011
An unusual circular iron water feature provided a dramatic focus for the ceremonial reopening of Brixton's Windrush Square by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.
Hargreaves Foundry on parade at RMA Sandhurst
24th August 2011
We'll need to be on our mettle, disciplined and extremely well turned out for a project we are involved in for RMA Sandhurst. We are working with Rainguard, suppliers of rainwater systems, to restore and replace the original cast iron rainwater hoppers, pipes and gutters for the famous military academy near Camberley, Surrey.
Pyramid of Arts at the Foundry
16th August 2011
Hargreaves Foundry is delighted to be involved with Pyramid of Arts. The organisation is 21 years old now and sets out to inspire and engage people across the arts community in Leeds and highlight the abilities of people with learning difficulties.
Skill and cast iron help restore Derry church
5th August 2011
We had to cross the Irish Sea for our latest architectural heritage commission. A visit to Londonderry for some restoration work on a very impressive Presbyterian church situated near the old city walls.
With thanks to Halifax Minster
28th July 2011
Our latest advertising campaign features the cardinal sin of adding upvc double glazing to a church with the message "You wouldn't, would you", the aim being to illustrate cast iron as the best product for beautiful buildings. We couldn't have done this without the co-operation of Halifax Minster.
Hargreaves support Halifax Dukes
11th July 2011
We are giving support to the Halifax Dukes, a local speedway team for this season.
Hargreaves in Paris for Antony Gormley launch
22nd June 2011
Working with Antony Gormley to help produce his sculptures is always exciting and challenging. Over the years we have worked on many projects with him and they never fail to test our skills and knowledge.