Halifax Cast Iron Soil and Drain System

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Hargreaves Halifax cast iron Soil and Drain system is designed for commercial or multi-storey projects and addresses the needs of specifiers and contactors requiring a robust, reliable drainage solution.

The versatile range includes a variety of innovative fittings and an extensive variety of couplings and brackets which offer flexibility to satisfy most designs.

The British Board of Agrément certified system is produced to BS-EN877 standards and supplied in accordance with CE marking requirements.

Correctly installed and maintained cast iron systems can last in excess of 100 years; cast iron is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. .

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Halifax Soil is a comprehensive range of cast iron socketless pipes and fittings in 50mm to 300mm diameters suitable for above ground internal soil, waste and rainwater installations.

Pipes and fittings are finished in a long lasting protective red epoxy coating. The non-combustable and sound deadening properties of cast iron ensure fire safety and low noise levels in operation making it particularly suitable for internal soil systems.

Halifax Drain is a below ground socketless drainage system. It is fully compatible with the Halifax Soil system. The grey epoxy paint coating provides improved performance when exposed to high temperatures or aggressive substances.

The strength of cast iron combined with the renowned fit and forget properties make it the ideal material for below ground drainage installations. Cast Iron is highly resistant to distortion which offers low risk of settlement damage caused by ground movement and reduced risk of damage when de-blocking is required.

Typical applications:

  • Public buildings, hospitals and schools.
  • High rise offices, apartments and hotel developments
  • Retail and commercial units
  • Exposed bridge drainage
  • Multi-storey car parks