Halifax Cast Iron Soil and Drain System

Fully compliant with BS EN 877:1999 + A1:2006

Image of house cross section

Halifax Soil & Drain is a socketless, mechanically jointed cast iron drainage and wastewater system for above and below ground. It is designed to minimise installation difficulties and maintenance costs over its lifetime. This is a fit and forget system.

Cast iron drainage products are proven to be reliable, durable and strong. They are safe, non-combustible, quiet and with minimal maintenance will last the life of a building. Cast iron is sustainable and can be fully recycled without any loss of its original properties.

The Halifax system is covered by third party certification. This provides confirmation that the system is fully compliant with the BS EN 877 standard.

Hargreaves Foundry Drainage is covered by both a BBA Agrèment certificate (No. 06/4401) and a BSI Kitemark (No. 684754).

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