Benefits of cast iron

Cast iron is suited to rainwater and soil drainage systems. It offers many benefits to the customer and the contractor, which include:

  • Strength and durability - cast iron is able to withstand the rigours of on site handling, mechanical de-blocking and vandalism.
  • Long life - when correctly installed cast iron drainage systems will last the life of the building, whether domestic, public, industrial or commercial.
  • Low maintenance - cast iron requires little ongoing maintenance, annual inspections are recommended but remedial action is rarely required.
  • Design capability - cast iron can meet the needs of restoration, refurbishment, conservation and heritage work as well as new, bespoke and unique designs.
  • Sustainability - in addition to lasting the life of a building and requiring minimal maintenance, cast iron is also 100% recyclable.
  • Cost effective - owing to its longevity, low maintenance, fire resistance and low noise operation, the cost benefits of cast iron are significant.

Benefits of the Halifax range

The benefits of the Halifax range include:

  • Comprehensive range - Halifax Soil and Drain complies with BS EN 877 and provides a complete system of pipes and fittings for the conveyance of waste water and rainwater through a building as far as the sewer.
  • Couplings - The Max and Connect couplings share a similar single screw design for above ground applications. Both couplings provide the quickest jointing method available on the market today for BS EN 877 above ground systems. Also for installations requiring cast iron couplings to match the pipework, the Halifax ductile cast iron coupling is available.
  • Lightweight - Compared to traditional BS 460 and BS 416 products the Halifax system is lighter and easier to handle but still retains all the inherent qualities of cast iron including strength and longevity.
  • Value for Money - The Halifax system compares favourably with other materials, including PVC-u solvent weld systems, on labour rates. It can also provide cost savings when intumescent fire collars, sound insulation, expansion joints and extra brackets are required for PVC to satisfy the building requirements. Also, in normal circumstances, cast iron will last the life of the building.
  • Low Maintenance - The combination of great strength and improved surface coatings on the Halifax system delivers a fit and forget solution in most installations. This is especially important when pipework is concealed, inaccessible and where maintenance would be disruptive to occupants of the building.
  • Low Noise Operation - A factor often overlooked is the excessive noise created by waste water running through pipework manufactured from materials with a much lower density than cast iron. Whilst never welcome, this is especially inappropriate for hospitals, hotels and apartment blocks.
  • Fire Resistance and Safety - The melting point of cast iron is considerably higher than PVCu or PE and in the event of fire will not emit toxic fumes or drop burning globules of material from one compartment to another. Building regulations therefore require intumescent fire collars to be fitted to PVCu pipework - cast iron has no such requirement.
  • Improved Pipe Coating - The Halifax system pipes are lined internally with a two part epoxy paint finish which provides improved performance when exposed to aggressive substances. Fittings are also epoxy coated and provide a similar level of performance.
  • 100% recyclable and sustainable - Cast iron will not only last the life of the building but is strong enough to withstand on site handling, mechanical unblocking and vandalism. It also reduces the use of natural resources by utilising almost 100% scrap and recycled metal in the manufacturing process. Finally when a building reaches the end of its lifespan, all the cast iron can be recycled to make new products.

For more information about the benefits of cast iron products please see the PDF file below. You can download this files which can then be printed out or passed on. If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us on 01422 330607 or use the call back facility on this website.

Benefits of Cast Iron PDF

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