Premier Cast Iron Rainwater and Soil

Premier Rainwater - Ex Stock

Premier Rainwater is a range of traditional cast iron pipes, gutters and fittings available "off the shelf". These are standard products which have stood the test of time. Properly fitted our Premier products will enhance the exterior appearance of any building. Premier Rainwater Ex Stock is available as Premier Grey Primed or Premier Extra (PX) Black gloss. Other colours in the RAL or BS ranges are available ex stock but lead times will vary. We also offer Premier Coastal, essential to meet the rigours of a marine environment and, as for colour options, lead times will need to be agreed with our sales team at the time of order.

Premier Rainwater - Made to Order

Made to Order products do what they say on the tin. They are available within our range but need to be cast or fabricated with timescales agreed in advance. They can be ordered in exactly the same way as ex stock products. They are available in all the same paint options as Premier Ex Stock.

Bespoke Products

What separates Hargreaves Foundry Drainage from other rainwater and soil manufacturers is our ability to make bespoke castings. Hargreaves is a working foundry with skilled pattern makers and moulders, specialist fabricators and painters and over a century of iron casting experience at our site in Halifax, Yorkshire.

We can make bespoke products to suit any building, ancient or modern, but these skills are most in demand by the conservation, heritage and restoration market. There is no need to resort to the various forms of plastic substitute on offer. Anything that has been cast in the past, for instance during the Victorian era, we can cast. If they could make it back then, we can make it now.

Premier LCC Soil

Hargreaves Premier LCC Soil is a traditional socket and spigot pipe system with fittings for above ground soil and waste. Most products are ex stock but other items are available as made to order or bespoke.

Traditional LCC Soil (BS469) is coated in a bitumen paint.

Buyers Guide to Cast Iron Rainwater & Soil