Quality Standards

Premier Rainwater products are manufactured in accordance with BS 460 and Premier Soil products conforms to BS 416.

Standards for cast iron rainwater and soil drainage products have remained remarkably constant for many years. This reflects cast iron's longevity, durability, suitability for the purpose it serves, proven design and cost effectiveness. It also means that replacing or integrating with an existing system can, in most cases, be completed with ease.

Hargreaves' Premier range of cast iron rainwater goods are primed in grey metal primer with rust inhibitors designed protect products in storage and transit and offer a base for the top coat of paint. Our pre-finished Premier Extra products are painted in a strong gloss paint which has been developed specifically for the use with our primer.

Premier LCC Soil range is supplied in a durable black bitumen paint finish as is traditional and products are based on imperial dimensions so ensuring compatibility when replacing or extending existing installations.