Pattern Making

PatternHargreaves Foundry has its own on site pattern shop, which means that in addition to standard products we can manufacture bespoke castings from manufacturing drawings and reproduce castings where the original patterns have been lost, damaged or destroyed.

Engineering customers can benefit from our expertise to take costs out of production through design and our ability to manufacture ‘one offs’ for proto typing. Other customers, especially those involved in heritage projects, can benefit from our ability to reproduce precisely original castings and artists can benefit from our advice when creating maquettes for the casting process.

Pattern making is a highly skilled occupation, requiring a thorough understanding of foundry process and technology, as well as considerable craft skills. All our pattern makers have undergone full apprenticeships. Patterns are traditionally made from wood, although fiberglass and resins are often used, and occasionally polystyrene, or even papier mashier, on some art castings.