Art Castings

Picture of Anthony Gormley cube

Artists and foundries have worked together for centuries. Hargreaves involvement first started in 1993 working with Antony Gormley, a relationship which has continued to the present day. Other artists we have worked for include Sir Antony Caro, Jaume Plensa, Gina Martin, Suzanne North, Peter Coates, Karen Lyons and Sally Mathews.

We have produced hundreds of fine art castings on behalf of cutting edge artists. Commissions vary enormously, reflecting individual artist's creative demands. We appreciate that this requires skill, precision and the ability to realise an artist's vision in iron. Techniques have involved artists providing models or patterns in wood, plaster, fibreglass and polystyrene, from which we make the moulds and cast the finished work.

We appreciate that artists need to keep creative control and are therefore welcome to spend time with us at the foundry and be as involved as they wish in our processes.