Pit Ponies for Sally Matthews 2010. Photo by Karen Turner

Pit Ponies for Sally Matthews 2010. Photo by Karen Turner

Hargreaves Foundry cast five pit pony sculptures for an art installation designed by nationally acclaimed animal sculptor Sally Mathews. The sculptures were on behalf of Torfaen Council and the Heads of the Valleys programme and destined for Blaenavon, South Wales.

Weighing in at two tonnes each and standing four feet tall and six feet long from nose to tail, Hargreaves cast the ponies in 100% recycled iron from Sally's full size plaster models.

Hargreaves Production Manager Peter Lodge, who has been casting art works, including Antony Gormley's Angel, since 1993 said, "We had to adapt our traditional processes to get the ponies' moulds to replicate as closely as possible Sally's finely crafted models."

Sally Mathews said " Hargreaves skill in mould making, confidence in their technical ability and seeing the project through meant that the finished work was exactly how I wanted it on each of the five pieces. They were really easy to work with enjoying the challenge and helping with any logistical aspects of the sculpture when they arose."

The 'ponies' as they had become affectionately known by everyone around the foundry left Halifax for the Welsh Valleys in July 2010.

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