Liberty Regain'd by Kenny Hunter.

Liberty Regain'd by Kenny Hunter.

Kenny Hunter's sculpture 'Liberty Regained' was unveiled for Burns night on January 25th at the Robbie Burns Birthplace Museum in Alloway near Ayr. We had cast the piece earlier in the year on behalf of Kenny, one of Scotland's foremost contemporary artists.

The piece came to us in two principal components - the finely modelled fox and the tree stump and chain. Although it looks deceptively simple, casting the work was not entirely straightforward. The main challenges facing Pete Lodge, our foundry supervisor and the man responsible for the mould making, centred on the cavity between the fox's legs, and the knot hole in the tree stump. Another challenge facing Pete was bringing out the detail of the graining on the log, not easy to achieve when casting in sand.

It required painstaking attention to detail and 21 separate pieces to make the mould for the fox and 12 pieces to make the mould for the tree stump. The iron was poured and after fettling and shot blasting the combined weight of the finished work was 640 kilos.

One of the main sponsors of the work was Scottish Television who reported on the unveiling, this link leads to the video;

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