Quality and Capacity

Our system is a cupola furnace melting at 5 tonnes per hour. We manufacture Grey Iron Castings to BS EN 1561 1997 in all grades, weighing from a few grams to 15 tonnes, with a maximum size of 13 metres x 2.5 metres x 1.5 metres. We also manufacture individual Ductile Iron Castings up to 1 tonne.

Full traceability and certification is offered on all castings produced. Facilities for ultra-sonic and magnetic particle non destructive testing are available. Accurate control of each melt is confirmed by spectrometer analysis.

The quality of our moulding is ensured through calibrated sand mixers. We also have our own on site sand reclamation unit.

We can, if required, supply castings fully machined and painted, a process which we have sub contracted to our own well established suppliers for many years.