News: With thanks to Halifax Minster

28 July 2011

Our latest advertising campaign features the cardinal sin of adding upvc double glazing to a church with the message "You wouldn't, would you", the aim being to illustrate cast iron as the best product for beautiful buildings. We couldn't have done this without the co-operation of Halifax Minster.

We are about to start an advertising campaign to promote our cast iron drainage. We wanted to persuade people that in spite of what other manufacturers might say, cast iron still remains the best product for most heritage and conservation projects.

So we had to come up with a way to visualise this – and we did. Unfortunately it meant taking a considerable liberty with a very fine building, (see photo). As you can imagine the custodians of Halifax Minster have not perpetrated the calumny depicted. We have Bulletpoint Design’s wizadry with photoshop to thank for the image.

We want to thank the vicar and the carers of Halifax Minster for agreeing to let us use the image. Given the care, time and resources they devote to maintaining the 900 year old building it was extremely good of them to let us ruin it, even if it was only in photoshop. The Minster has to be one of the finest churches about, and certainly well worth a visit. But if you can’t get there in person you can go to