News: Hargreaves Foundry on parade at RMA Sandhurst

24 August 2011

We'll need to be on our mettle, disciplined and extremely well turned out for a project we are involved in for RMA Sandhurst. We are working with Rainguard, suppliers of rainwater systems, to restore and replace the original cast iron rainwater hoppers, pipes and gutters for the famous military academy near Camberley, Surrey.

We are restoring those originals that can be saved and casting replacement rainwater heads, gutters and pipes where neccessary. The first part of this project has kept our pattern shop busy re-creating patterns based on original iron castings. This process involves making wooden patterns and using resin to make moulds of the detail. Sand moulds are made from the patterns and molten iron poured in to make the casting.

Pattern making is an extremely skilled occupation that involves not just expert wood working skills but also a profound understanding of the casting process. At Hargreaves Foundry we employ four full time pattern makers who work on a range of engineering and architectural projects.

Pattern shop re-creation

Patterns are re-created based on original iron castings

Finished pattern and pouring metal into gutter moulds

Finished pattern and pouring metal into gutter moulds

Finished gutters

Finished gutters by Hargreaves Foundry