News: Canal Connections for the Foundry

23 November 2011

This wasn't a project for our sister company Hargreaves Lock Gates. Hargreaves has completed two cast iron installation pieces on behalf of the Rochdale Canal Connections programme.

The installations were designed by Imagemakers on behalf of Pennine Prospects who manage the programme in partnership with the Waterways Trust, Upper Calderdale Valley Renaissance, Rochdale Council, Calderdale Council and British Waterways. The project is funded through the South Pennine LEADER programme (Rural Development Programme for England). For more information about the project visit the Pennine Prospects website.

Described as 'interpretation features' both pieces are of a similar size. 'Lock 39' is approximately 4 metres long and weighs close to three quarters of a tonne and is made up of four separate castings. Each semi circular section contains historical facts about the Rochdale Canal. 'Watershed' is an interesting hump back shape with extension pieces indicating the direction of the North Sea and the Irish Sea. Its location marks the highest point of the canal in its journey over the Pennines and thus is at its watershed. A poem celebrating this by local poet Andrew McMillan has been cast onto the piece. It describes the canal as a 'liquid equinox' and how from this point the water flows either to the North or the Irish seas. The casting is again approximately four metres long and weighs half a tonne.

Both castings can be enjoyed as you walk the towpath between Littleborough and the Summit tunnel heading towards Todmorden.

Watershed in its mould being cast

Cast Iron Installation for Rochdale Canal