News: Shooting Theatre Trailers at the Foundry

22 February 2013

In a new departure for Hargreaves Foundry, we were able to provide the location for the filming of a Theatre Trailer for Northern Broadsides' production of Rutherford and Son.

Northern Broadsides was formed in 1992 by Artistic Director Barrie Rutter and the company is based in Dean Clough, Halifax. Well known for performances of Shakespeare with natural northern accents, the company has toured both the UK and world venues impressing audiences with their distinctive style.

Their production of Rutherford and Son directed by Sir Jonathan Miller is currently receiving wonderful revues from both critics and audiences alike.

We were delighted to play a very small part in all of this when some of the company principals filmed the production trailer here at Hargreaves Foundry. Have a look by clicking this link.