News: 'Fit and Forget' with the Mech 416 cast iron soil & waste system

12 April 2010

New from Hargreaves Foundry, Mech 416 is a cost effective, lightweight and socketless cast iron soil and waste system that is especially suitable for mechanically jointed installations.

The socketless jointing system uses simple, efficient and reliable couplings which will last the life of the building.

Suitable for fitting both horizontally and vertically with all the benefits of cast iron, Mech 416 is designed for strength and finished in a superior matt black epoxy coating for above ground applications.

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Compliant with BS 416 (except 70mm diameter), this Hargreaves complete system of lined pipes and fittings carries waste water and rainwater as far as the drain connection, and is ideal for the refurbishment of apartments and car parks.

Whilst lighter and easier to handle than traditional 416 socket and spigot soil products, the Mech 416 system remains strong and long lasting.

Labour saving and highly cost effective even in comparison to PVC-u solvent weld systems, it requires no fire collars, sound insulation, expansion joints or extra brackets.

Mech 416 is a 'fit and forget' solution to most installations and particularly suitable for concealed pipework and inaccessible areas.

Fully recyclable, cast iron offers much greater resistance to fire, and allows waste water to drain away without the excessive noise created in less dense materials.